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Here’s a portfolio of my work……. as you can see, colour is my life! 


Jewellery is all about you…

I enjoy working on commissions, and look forward to creating beautiful bespoke pieces.

Fashion accessories


These fabulous colour pop scarves are essential for mixing and matching from different palettes.

Have a go, add a scarf, or a dramatic piece of jewellery to accent your look in subtle ways, turning your office suit into a glamorous evening outfit.
A stunning beaded tassel shawl and a few rows of pearls for an elegant, glamorous evening. A girl can never have enough scarves, bags, statement pieces to create that look!


Lifestyle accessories ………. say a lot about you!


Gifts – who doesn’t like a gift?!

Breakfast like a King or Queen – make every day a celebration!
This playful beaded Egg Cup & Spoon with a matching Egg Cosy, is loved by everyone, men, women and children.

 I design gifts to make the recipient smile!

I’m very interested in heritage arts and crafts and try, wherever possible to work with indigenous Indian craftsmen. It’s wonderful to learn their trade, exchange ideas, creating new products and designs with a modern twist. Sadly, their younger generations would much rather live in towns, be “modern,” identify with what they see on TV, rather than live in remote villages learning their family’s age old craft traditions. I can understand how attractive the glitz of a big town can be, I just hate to see heritage crafts dying.


I hope you enjoy browsing – let me know what you think? 

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