Hallo, and welcome, here’s a peek at what goes on behind the scenes….

This is where I design, create, make a mess and have a lot of fun.

I qualified in the late 70’s in Textile Design and have worked across many fields, cross cultures, challenging convention mixing media, experimenting with our artistic and design values. 

I have travelled since I was tiny ……. from India to UK via West Africa and back to India.

With the jungles as a back drop, its hardly surprising my inspirations are fauna and flora; Nature in all her forms. These images permeate through my work – large, exuberant and colourful.

Art is everywhere, and my nomadic life has provided the base for several areas of work.

I meander through the ‘forests’ awaiting the next frond to ‘thwak’ me in the face. Ideas emerge, dependent on whatever materials are accessible at the time or the media I’m enjoying!

Each piece of jewellery I design carries the essence of it’s wearer, with its own unique story.

I enjoy beauty, utilitarian items can be well designed and appealing. Tiffinware was dreamt up when my gem set silver spoons (for the V&A Shop) were in the same mind bubble as a metal table I was struggling with, I wanted the base to be inter-woven with marbles. Well, that didn’t happen, but cutlery with beads did!

The name ‘Tiffin’ – refers  to a packed lunch. Tiffin boxes are widely used all over Asia, they are eco-friendly, practical and fun to carry. No more soggy lunches, each type of food or course is packed in a separate tier.

Colourful, enamelled Lunch Boxes. Stainless steel Tiffin Tins

Every one wants a cool lunch box!


Constantly juggling creativity, work/life balance, I am passionate about education, every child deserves a chance. I try to ‘create’ time and volunteer at a small charity, that runs a primary healthcare facility and a preschool school. Over 200 children go to school through our scholarship and bursary scheme – the kids are so cute and earnest, sometimes we just paint. Its wonderful! 

My family (and cat) sit back, watch my antics, as I wade through the washing, cooking, read, enjoy my garden, searching for the things I lose along the way, oh!

 Did I say I love to travel ……?!



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