Getting back up and running

Getting back up and running….

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You know, how you think, …  I’ll get that done really fast, WordPress has everything all set up and ready to go?

Well, yes, WordPress does, but do I?  That’s the question I failed to ask myself! Amongst other very important issues such as; which theme, are the images good enough, do they gel, can the designs be categorised, etc etc? To, OMG what am I going to write? So you write an essay – then, ugh, you have to precis it to 50 words!!

It did make me realise though, how far I’ve come, and how much I’ve achieved more or less part-time, working from home, with a family that has needs too.

Slowly, refocusing, I re-branded, designed a new logo, the sketchy ideas were filled in, and here it is – what do you think?

My last ‘weblife’ was quite bland, and suddenly I’m very drawn to orange, a colour I was not very keen on at all. Then the slow realisation that not only does your colour palette change as you age, it completely affects your thinking! So here it is, my very orange new website! I hope you like it?

Its been a great experience to put all the different facets of my various projects together – I hope they’re coherent and browsing is enjoyable. Do let me know what you think!

Bracelet, with coins repursposed as gems

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